A local organic fair trade shop called ecomelo!
At first I watched my middle daughters soccer game. She did well! After that I went home, had some coffee with my mother. A few hours later me, my hub, mother and all three daghters went to town to watch my middle son have a sparring game at "Kulturkalaset" (culture party in Gothenburg every summer). We also went to a food market but then [...]
I have actually been working for two weeks now after vacation. Everyday life is starting to take over. Today I went to an education day with PhD Ross Greene. He teaches Collaborative Proactive Solutions to us who meet kids with behavioural problems. Really interesting! Here are som other pictures from the last few days. Milla is the wildest [...]
I always make two dinners, one meat and one vegetarian.

What ever

Why buy organic?

Some of the most important products to buy organic are theese: Milk Dairy products account for a reported 60 to 70 percent of the estrogens we consume through our food. Celery When researchers analyzed 89,000 produce-pesticide tests to determine the most contaminated fruits and vegetables, celery topped the chart. Tomato sauce When picking [...]
Our Midget Milla and her sisters went motocrossing! Tjoop, tjoop!
The bird cost me 40 skr (about $5). The plastic items are for cheese and butter and the total cost for Swedish design was 35 skr ($4,75). One of them 11 years old and the other one I am trying to date. I think it´s from the 70´s but I am not sure. To dinner we had veggieburger from anamma and organic pasta with mushrooms from Änglamark. [...]
My kitchen table office, my hall and Millas new tent from TGR of Denmark. Pokemon from my old kids shop and me myself and I.
Today I´ve spent most of the day fixing with the garden and inside our house. I papered the hall with Mickey and Minnie Vintage wallpaper. It needed som happy colours. Outside i cut the hedge and ground it in the shredder. How do you like my new hall? Now I just sit here drinkng wine and surfing the net.
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