Family, Travelling Grövelsjöfjällen

A day at the mountain

Just some pictures, we went on a hike. Minus 5 degrees, a bit windy. Felt really fresh.
Family, Travelling Grövelsjöfjällen

Tired of editing my photos

So now I just post originals. Hopefully you don´t mind. We have been in a car for almost ten hours. Visiting winterland, Grövelsjöfjällen. Me,hubby and my little daughters. The boys are at home with grandma´s watxching eyes and our big daughter´s are away with friends and boyfriend. This is how the little cottage looks, very kitsch.
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Visited my mum today

Had apfelstrudel and took some pictures of her lovely home. Earlier today I went to Bjj training. Really fun today, me and some really skilled guys!
Family BJJ, Christmas

Christmas Day

Today all Swedes are eating leftovers, some have already went out shopping on the big after Christmas sales. I am hoping for a BJJ class to loose some Christmas calories haha. Have a nice friday! Hera are some more pictures from yesterday. Note that Santa has a BJJ belt muahahahaha
Kids are happy, I am all tired. Food was great and gifts amazing. How did you celebrate? Todays my oldest daughters 18th birthday aswell!
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The day before Christmas eve

I went to work this morning, At work we had Christmas food. After work I went home made ham, made dinner, had a glass of wine and just made myself prepare for Christmas. Good news this week, My son got a job! Now we are watching "I am jazz" Todays dinner was veggie sticks made out of mushroom with rice and veggies.

Almost Christmas

Damage fort, otherwise perfect. Last workday today

At work

Preparing for the holidays. Tomorrow we wwill all eat Christmas food and after that we won´t see eachother for a few weeks. I might work a few days but the restof the gang will not. During holidays it´s possible we drive for about ten hours north to go skiing. I´ll let you now.
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Today I visited an antique shop at lunch hour

Its called Majolika and the address is Karl Johansgatan in Gothenburg. I love retro shopping!!
This is a post I should have made yesterday but I did´nt seem to find the time. It´s a grilled beef (veggie from Hälsans kök, sort of like quorn). Fried in a pan. Served with jasminerice and fried veggies. Mix green and black beens, red pepper, leek, chili pepper, water chestnut, bamboo shoots and what everyou like. Spice with Indian spices ginger [...]
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