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flea market bargains

I found some lovely Christmas gifts at the fleamarket, my mother is a collector. I also found some nice pictures to my "imagination" picture wall. I´m gonna buy a few more before I put it together. The first one i paid 40 kr for and the rest 20 kr each.The first one seems old but the rest are new prints of old motives.
We did some Christmas decorating at home, put the tree at place.
Happy sunday. 
By the way, todays veggie dinner was leftovers from yesterday.
#1 - - Boel:

Wow they're amazing! So beautiful!

#2 - - Freja:

Kul med fynd!

#3 - - JoJo:

det är kul när man fyndar! :D

sv; verkar inte vara så många som känner till dom. men jag är sjukt nöjd med deras boxar! :D