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Our Angel became everyones favourite

Milla got a lot of attention, she also kept us very busy. She has loads of energy so we had to run after her at least twenty times a day. I am sure I lost as least two kilograms this week. Here are som pictures from Alanya city.
Travelling Alanya, Flamingo beach, Travelling, Turkey

Dinner and diving, food and pool

Travelling Alanya, Flamingo beach, Travelling, Turkey

Back on Swedish ground

Spent the week in Alanya, Turkey. Since we did´nt get any summer in Sweden this year we left. Sweden had about 16 degrees celcius while Alanya had 42 degrees. Here are some pictures from Flamingo beach, best beach in Alanya. I spent the week with my best friend and my three daughters
My oldest son turns 19!
Family Retro

My baby maffiosa

And this is me Some say you can´t show your tummy when you are 43 but I did´nt hear that!
These were made about 4 years ago when the little one was newborn. Now they have their place on the wall above the stairs. 
Organic organic

Typical Gothenburg lunch?

Locally produced bread, cheese and organic cucumber 
Retro Fifties, Kitsch, Retro

One of those projects

I need to clear out our attic. There´s loads of stuff that needs to be sorted, thrown away, sold and somneone elses property. It´s a neverending project. I really hate projects that takes to long to finish. I did find some things there today that I found places to. My lovely Roddy doll that someone played with in the late fifties. My Chinese clock [...]
Organic Bamboo, organic

Daughter helped me make organic tacos

You have to be smart to slice onions! We used our new Bamboo utensils. Feels good to skip plastic. A good day.
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