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I have two jobs, two different projects actually. I work 50% in each and today I work with Nätkoll. It´s a project sponsored by Arvsfonden (money which is given from deceased people). Nätkoll is all about risks and possibilities on the internet and focus is on youth with psychiatric syndroms like adhd, asperger and so on. It´s an amazing project because it all started with an idea and now we have the possibility to make a different. 
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#1 - - Freja:

Heja dig, du gör så mycket bra insatser i dina jobb!

Svar: Tack!!

#2 - - trollet:

Det låter mycket intressant! Vilka kuliga och braiga jobb du har!

Svar: Tack, ja just nu trivs jag ganska bra med jobben