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A day at Real Fighter in Lund

My son had his second D-fight in thai boxing. He did´nt win this one but well fought. 2-1 in ronds
Not much to tell, my twelwe year old had some friends over for Harry Potter marathon and sleepover. Today my stepdaughter, the hubbys daughter turned 17. Hooray for her. Bought some books about healthier foods. Glutenfree, vegan, sugarfree etc. Here and here and click the picture

Finally Friday

This week I had BJJ practice monday, wednesday and thursday. Hopefully there will be another class before the week comes to an end. My brain actually heals by practicing BJJ. I have to fokus more than I am actually capable off so it feels like my brain develops a lot. I feels amazing. Having all the energy I have (adhd) BJJ is better than any [...]
I cant comprehend the amazing views outdoor now, it´s fantastic. Gothenburg at its most beautiful.
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Have been shopping

Got my new Gi today, ordered from
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Enjoying the winter birds

Our little one woke up and had such stomach pain that she screamed. She couldn´t sit, walk, lay down or anything so we wnt to the hospital at 03.00 AM. A chaos of snow outside but we managed to get there and home. Luckily the little one got better, they could´nt find the problem. 30 cm snow fell down

Preparing lunch boxes

First twelve done. Half meat, half vegetarian.
Click the first picture for more tree photos
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Looking forward to this spring

I actually have a plan for this year. No promises because promises always seems to be broken and then you feel disappointed. My plan is to get better routines. Week days is not a problem but weekends tend to be chaotic. I have planned a few excursions but most important new routins like getting outside the door, eating on certain hours and so on. [...]
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