Finally Friday

This week I had BJJ practice monday, wednesday and thursday. Hopefully there will be another class before the week comes to an end. My brain actually heals by practicing BJJ. I have to fokus more than I am actually capable off so it feels like my brain develops a lot. I feels amazing. Having all the energy I have (adhd) BJJ is better than any medication I have ever tried for adhd. That is for me personally. 
Tomorrow I am gonna have a meeting with my two friends about a project we have. After that my daughter is celebrating her birthday two months late with two of her best friends for a Harry Potter sleepover party. On sunday me and a friend are visiting at a prison again. We do that twice a month, three different prisons.
#1 - - Desirée Larsen:

Härligt att träningen gör sådan skillnad =D

Önskar dig en trevlig helg. Kram

#2 - - Boel:


#3 - - Jessica Högberg:

Härligt när man hittar något som funkar=))