It has happened a lot

Im going back to my old blog again. I dont have so much time for blogging any longer so I prefer to write in Swedish the times I do. Please visit there instead.
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Went south to Alpakahof

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Can´t train at the moment because I am sick. It actually causes anxiety. I can´t go to work but that doesn´t seem as important as I can´t train BJJ. The brain works in mysterious ways. I am going to see a chiropractor for the first time in my life today. Hopefully it will help. It feels hopeless to both have a could and aches everywhere. Soon it [...]
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Life is taking over

So at the moment suck at bloging. Now I know what hotel me and Milla will stay ay when we go to Sri Lanka in march, in about 44 days!
Not much to tell, my twelwe year old had some friends over for Harry Potter marathon and sleepover. Today my stepdaughter, the hubbys daughter turned 17. Hooray for her. Bought some books about healthier foods. Glutenfree, vegan, sugarfree etc. Here and here and click the picture
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Have been shopping

Got my new Gi today, ordered from
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Middle of the night post

I have got an infection in a small wound, it hurts like hell so I can´t sleep. Had to get up from bed again and take some painkillers. While I wait to get tired again I thought I might write about some organic products I bought the other day. This body lotion smells so good, I love it. Really affordable aswell. I also bought face cream and [...]
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Todays veggie organic dinner

This one I liked a lot. The recipe is from the magazine MåBra Mat (FeelWell Food). Its supposed to be chicken but I usually do one chicken for the family and with quorn for my self. I use sliced and fried squash, onion and cocktail tomatoes, Three different kinds of pepper (rosé, black, and white), salt, oil and parmesan. Served with rice and [...]
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Today I have registered for this

This seems like a great blog event/training bootcamp and I am looking forward to it a lot!
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Soon match day again

My son´s having his second match soon. We are going to Lund last weekend in January. Wish him luck!
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