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With cleanup that is.I also visited a prisen as I do twice a month. After the visit we stopped by a fleamarket. I bought a Painting made by Elsa Beskow. A red shelf and an office chair to my youngest son.

Went to IKEA

And bought new curtains.This time i got blue ones Had to skip training today, feel a bit sick 
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Today I visited an antique shop at lunch hour

Its called Majolika and the address is Karl Johansgatan in Gothenburg. I love retro shopping!!
Went to a flwea market,bought some retro stuff and also some Christmas presents. My mother is sort of a collector. I can´t show it here because Ithink she reads my blog. I did buy some Christmas decoration for me aswell. A table cloth and a santa for the Christmas tree. I also bought some Keroro to my youngest son, he loves reading.
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flea market bargains

I found some lovely Christmas gifts at the fleamarket, my mother is a collector. I also found some nice pictures to my "imagination" picture wall. I´m gonna buy a few more before I put it together. The first one i paid 40 kr for and the rest 20 kr each.The first one seems old but the rest are new prints of old motives. We did some Christmas [...]
The bird cost me 40 skr (about $5). The plastic items are for cheese and butter and the total cost for Swedish design was 35 skr ($4,75). One of them 11 years old and the other one I am trying to date. I think it´s from the 70´s but I am not sure. To dinner we had veggieburger from anamma and organic pasta with mushrooms from Änglamark. Really [...]
My kitchen table office, my hall and Millas new tent from TGR of Denmark. Pokemon from my old kids shop and me myself and I.
Today I´ve spent most of the day fixing with the garden and inside our house. I papered the hall with Mickey and Minnie Vintage wallpaper. It needed som happy colours. Outside i cut the hedge and ground it in the shredder. How do you like my new hall? Now I just sit here drinkng wine and surfing the net.
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One of those projects

I need to clear out our attic. There´s loads of stuff that needs to be sorted, thrown away, sold and somneone elses property. It´s a neverending project. I really hate projects that takes to long to finish. I did find some things there today that I found places to. My lovely Roddy doll that someone played with in the late fifties. My Chinese clock [...]
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Great findings today aswell

My mother and I took the young girls on a flea-market tour this morning. I came home with three amazing things and i only paid 80 Skr (about $10). A wooden shelf for a corner! (20 Skr), a deer in teak (20 Skr) and an old scale (40 Skr). My daughter bought a cook book for children for 5 Skr.
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