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Can´t train at the moment because I am sick. It actually causes anxiety. I can´t go to work but that doesn´t seem as important as I can´t train BJJ. The brain works in mysterious ways. I am going to see a chiropractor for the first time in my life today. Hopefully it will help. It feels hopeless to both have a could and aches everywhere. Soon it [...]
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A day at Real Fighter in Lund

My son had his second D-fight in thai boxing. He did´nt win this one but well fought. 2-1 in ronds

Finally Friday

This week I had BJJ practice monday, wednesday and thursday. Hopefully there will be another class before the week comes to an end. My brain actually heals by practicing BJJ. I have to fokus more than I am actually capable off so it feels like my brain develops a lot. I feels amazing. Having all the energy I have (adhd) BJJ is better than any [...]
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Have been shopping

Got my new Gi today, ordered from
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Today I have registered for this

This seems like a great blog event/training bootcamp and I am looking forward to it a lot!
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Soon match day again

My son´s having his second match soon. We are going to Lund last weekend in January. Wish him luck!
Havent been training BJJ since tuesday so today was really needed. Unfortunately I injured my shoulder after only a few rounds. It got better though so I could train a little more. Earlier today i made a big cleanup in my youngest sons room. It took almost four hours haha. I moved the furniture, sorted all books in alphabetical order and so on. We [...]
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In august I started to train BJJ

Somehow you use every single muscle in your body. I have a gymcard aswell but I have only been there to times in a few weeks so the result on my tummy is all because of BJJ. I can actually see a difference, can you? Three months Four months Four and a half

Almost Christmas

Damage fort, otherwise perfect. Last workday today
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Yesterdays veggie dinner, rice, samosa, veggies. Easy and yummie. Evening at the gym.
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