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Went south to Alpakahof

Allmänt, Family, Travelling Sri Lanka, Tangalle

Life is taking over

So at the moment suck at bloging. Now I know what hotel me and Milla will stay ay when we go to Sri Lanka in march, in about 44 days!
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A day at Real Fighter in Lund

My son had his second D-fight in thai boxing. He did´nt win this one but well fought. 2-1 in ronds
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Looking forward to this spring

I actually have a plan for this year. No promises because promises always seems to be broken and then you feel disappointed. My plan is to get better routines. Week days is not a problem but weekends tend to be chaotic. I have planned a few excursions but most important new routins like getting outside the door, eating on certain hours and so on. [...]
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A few days went by

I´m back in everyday life again. Routines, training, dinner in the making and work. The blog is always in second place. I am a fan of planning. Right now I am planning this springs activitys, dinner recipies, training schedules etc. Did i mention that meand Milla(the youngest) are going to Sri Lanka in march? I´ve been to Sri Lanka four times [...]
Whenever we are going on a long trip we bring some picknick. This time I made food muffins. A few with broccoli and some with ham. Cheese for topping, yummie! 3 dl vetemjöl (wheat flour) 1,5 dl grahamsmjöl (wholemeal flour) 1 tsk salt 2 tsk bakpulver (baking soda) 2 st ägg (eggs) 0,5 dl olja (oil) 1,5 dl yoghurt/filmjölk (sour milk) 200 degrees in [...]
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Beautiful sunset

Unfortunately, the camera´s not doing reality justice. Roadtrip home yesterday through amazing landscape. Now we are back in Gothenburg!
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Went skiing for several hours

An amazing day in the skitracks
Family, Travelling Grövelsjöfjällen

A day at the mountain

Just some pictures, we went on a hike. Minus 5 degrees, a bit windy. Felt really fresh.
Family, Travelling Grövelsjöfjällen

Tired of editing my photos

So now I just post originals. Hopefully you don´t mind. We have been in a car for almost ten hours. Visiting winterland, Grövelsjöfjällen. Me,hubby and my little daughters. The boys are at home with grandma´s watxching eyes and our big daughter´s are away with friends and boyfriend. This is how the little cottage looks, very kitsch.
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