Not much to tell, my twelwe year old had some friends over for Harry Potter marathon and sleepover. Today my stepdaughter, the hubbys daughter turned 17. Hooray for her. Bought some books about healthier foods. Glutenfree, vegan, sugarfree etc. Here and here and click the picture

Preparing lunch boxes

First twelve done. Half meat, half vegetarian.
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Todays veggie organic dinner

This one I liked a lot. The recipe is from the magazine MåBra Mat (FeelWell Food). Its supposed to be chicken but I usually do one chicken for the family and with quorn for my self. I use sliced and fried squash, onion and cocktail tomatoes, Three different kinds of pepper (rosé, black, and white), salt, oil and parmesan. Served with rice and [...]
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Todays veggie organic dinner

Whole wheat noodles with woked veggies and hoi sin sauce. I put quorn in mine while the family had pork. Very easily made and taste really nice. Start with frying the "meat", addveggies. I use chopped fresh chili and a lot of garlic. Water chestnuts, green beans, broccoli, carrots. Don´t forget onions!! My cookware is made out of bamboo! I love [...]
Whenever we are going on a long trip we bring some picknick. This time I made food muffins. A few with broccoli and some with ham. Cheese for topping, yummie! 3 dl vetemjöl (wheat flour) 1,5 dl grahamsmjöl (wholemeal flour) 1 tsk salt 2 tsk bakpulver (baking soda) 2 st ägg (eggs) 0,5 dl olja (oil) 1,5 dl yoghurt/filmjölk (sour milk) 200 degrees in [...]
Kids are happy, I am all tired. Food was great and gifts amazing. How did you celebrate? Todays my oldest daughters 18th birthday aswell!
This is a post I should have made yesterday but I did´nt seem to find the time. It´s a grilled beef (veggie from Hälsans kök, sort of like quorn). Fried in a pan. Served with jasminerice and fried veggies. Mix green and black beens, red pepper, leek, chili pepper, water chestnut, bamboo shoots and what everyou like. Spice with Indian spices ginger [...]
Vegetarian NK, govindas

Working days...

After lunch (at fantastic Hindu Govindas) I went window shopping. This is Gothenburg city and NK:s storefront.
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Yesterdays veggie dinner, rice, samosa, veggies. Easy and yummie. Evening at the gym.
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